Lgbt Films

Films about Gay Men

99 Days (Hong Kong)
Absence of Love (USA)
Antique Bakery (South Korea)
Ausente (Absent) (Argentina)
Any Day Now (USA)
Bad Boy Street (USA)
Bear City 2: The Proposal
Bear City  (USA)
Beginners (USA)
Behind the Candelabra (USA)
Beauty   (South Africa)
Blueprint (USA
Buffering   (UK)
번지점프를 하다 (Bungee Jumping Of Their Own) (South Korea) (Whole Movie)
Burlesque (USA)
Bwakaw (Philippines)
Contracorriente (Undertow) (Peru)
Different From the Others (Germany)
Dirty Talk (USA)
Do Começo ao Fim (From Beginning to End) (Brazil)
Elliot Loves (USA)
Eternal Summer (Taiwan)
Eyes Wide Open (Israel / Germany / France)
Formula 17 (Taiwan)
Gayby (USA)
Girlfriend Boyfriend (Taiwan)
Habana Muda (Mute Havana) (Cuba)
Hamam (Steam: The Turkish Bath) (Italy)
Heavenly Touch (Philippines) (Parts 4 to 8)
Hollywood Je t’aime (USA)
Hors le Murs (Beyond the Walls) (Belgium)
Howl (USA)
I Am (India)
I Want your Love (USA)
Kawa  (New Zealand)
Keep the Lights On (USA)
La-La Land (USA)
“Le Fil” (“The String”) (France / Belgium / Tunisia)
Let My People Go!  (Finland / France)
Lost In Paradise (Vietnam)
Love Or Whatever (USA)
Mannen som elsket Yngve – The Man Who Loved Yngve (Norway)
Männer zum Knutschen (Men to Kiss) (Germany)
Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake 3D (United Kingdom)
Mi Ultimo Round (My Last Round) (Chile)
Milk (USA)
Mine Vaganti (Loose Canons) (Italy)
Mixed Kebab (Belgium)
Monga (Taiwan)
Morgan  (USA)
Noordzee, Texas (North Sea Texas) (Belgium)
Notre Paradis (Our Paradise) (France)
Nairobi Half Life (Kenya)
Out in the Dark (Israel/USA)
Out Loud (Lebanon)
Permanent Residence (Hong Kong)
Rock of Ages (USA)
Silent Youth (Germany)
Skyfall (UK)
Speechless (Hong Kong)
Spring Fever (China)
The Broken Tower (USA)
The Falls (USA)
The Postcard(South Korea)
The Skinny (USA)
Tarima (Philippines)
Tensión Sexual (Sexual Tension) (Argentina)
Todo El Mundo Tiene Alguien Menos Yo (Everybody’s Got Somebody…Not Me) (Mexico)
Two Weddings and a Funeral
Violet Tendencies  (USA)
Verde Verde (Cuba)
Weekend (United Kingdom)
Westerland (Germany)
Yossi (Israel)
You Should Meet My Son   (USA)
Zenne Dancer (Turkey)

Gay Men – Short Films

40 Minutes (USA)
41 Sekunden (41 Seconds) (Germany)
306 (USA)
Amor Crudo (Raw Love)
Amoroso Guajiro
Atomes (Atoms) (Belgium)
Basket et Maths (France)
Blessure (Fair Play) (Belgium)
Café com Leite (You, Me and Him) (Brazil)
Consentment (France)
David (Spain)
Dinero Fácil (Easy Money) (Spain)
El Hijo (The Son)
El Inicio (The Beginning)
En Forelskelse (Awakening) (Denmark)
“Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho” (“I don’t want to go back alone”) (Brazil)
Hitchcocked (USA)
Homecoming (UK)
Homophobia (Austria)
In the Closet (India)
K (Spain)
Kali ma (USA / India)
Keel (UK)
Last Call (USA)
Le Baiser (France)
La Etiqueta (Venezuela)
Narednik(Sergeant) (Serbia)
Nessun Dorma (Philippines)
Not Gay (USA)
No Clothes (USA)
Protect Me from what I Want (UK)
Parejas (Venezuela)
Performance Anxiety  (USA) (Trailer)
Quite Ordinary (Japan)
Rock Bottom (USA)
Scarred (UK)
Seeing Orange
Silver Road (Canada)
Slow (USA)
Spring (UK)
Tanjong Rhu aka The Casuarina Cove (Singapore)
The Morning After (UK)
The Traitor (Israel)
The Wilding (Australia)
Troy: Naked Boys Behind Bars, Sing! (USA)
You Can’t Curry Love (UK / India / USA)

Gay Men – Documentaries (Trailers)

I am Gay and Muslim (Netherlands / Morocco)
Sagat: The Documentary (French)
The Invisible Men (Israel)

Bisexual – Feature Films

El Sexo de los Angeles (Sex of Angels) (Spain)
“不能愛” (“Love me not”) (Hong Kong)

Bisexual – Short Films

Une Robe D’Été (France)

Bisexual – Documentaries

The Joshua Tree: A Portrait of James Dean (USA)

Gay Women – Feature Film Trailers

80 Egunean (80 Days)
A Perfect Ending (USA)
(France/USA/ Iran)
Cloudburst (USA)
Crime d’Amour (Love Crime) (France)
Freeheld (USA) (No Trailer)
Holy Motors (France)
Jack and Diane (USA)
Je Te Mangerais (Highly Strung)
Kyss Mig (Kiss Me) (Sweden)
Lengua Materna (Mother Tongue) (Argentina)
Mosquita Y Mari (USA)
Passions (USA)
Route of Acceptance (USA)
The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (UK)
Viola di mare (The Sea Purple) (Italy)

Gay Women – Short Films

Depois do almoço (Brazil)
Desconocida (Unknown) (Spain)
Embracing Butterflies (Czech Republic)
Love is Love (USA)
Yulia (France)

Gay Women – Documentaries

Women Art Revolution  (USA)

Transgender – Feature Film Trailers

Aynehaye Rooberoo (Facing Mirrors)  (Iran)
Laurence Anyways (Canada)
Little Ashes (UK / Spain)
Lovely Man
Mia (Argentina)
The Weight (South Korea)
One Gun Hill (USA)
Pankh (India)
Un Buen Hijo (A Good Son) (Mexico)

Transgender – Short Films

Franswa Sharl (Australia)
Stray Shadows

Transgender – Documentaries

The Bella Vista (Uruguay)
The Warias (Australia)

Gay Men and Transgender – Feature Film Trailers

ไม่ได้ขอให้มารัก (It Gets Better) (Thailand)
Romeos (Germany)

Gay Men and Women – Feature Film Trailers

Love Actually Sucks (Hong Kong)
“不能愛” (“Love me not”) (Hong Kong)


Orchids, My Intersex Adventure (Australia)

LGBT Feature Films

Dalam Botol (Malaysia)
Parada (Serbia)

LGBT Short Films

City Of Borders (Israel)
Cold Star
Knocked Out (India)
Muxes (Mexico)
Role Reversal (Canada)
The After Party (India)
White Paper  (Iran)

LGBT Documentaries

America’s Most Wanted (USA)
Amra Ki Etoi Bhinno (Are we so different) (Bangladesh)
Just Words (USA)
La Causa es Justa (The Cause Is Just) (USA)
Taboo Yardees (Jamaica)

Film Festivals – Posts

Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France (Queer Palm)
Center Long Beach Q Film Festival
, Long Beach, California, USA
D’un bord a l’autre,  Orleans, France
Everybody’s perfect (Geneva, Switzerland)
Fargo-Moorhead LGBT Film Festival, Fargo, Minnesota, USA
Festival de la Luna, Valencia, Spain
Festival Venezolano de Cine de la Diversidad FESTDIVQ, Caracas, Venezuela
Filmout, San Diego, California, USA
Fresno Reel Pride Film Festival Fresno, California, USA
The Kansai Queer Film Festival, Osaka and Kyoto
Kashish, Mumbai, India
Llamale H, Montevideo, Uruguay
Oslo Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Oslo, Norway
Outflix Film Festival , Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival , Palm Springs, California, USA
Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival – Portland, Oregon, USA,
Queer Lisboa Lisbon, Portugal
QFest (Philadelphia)
Q! Film Festival, Jakarta/Yogyakarta/ Bali/Surabaya, Indonesia
Some Prefer Cake (Bologna, Italy)
Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
The Tokyo International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan
Vancover Queer Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada
Venice Film Festival, Venice, Italy (The Queer Lion Award)

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  2. Add to the list of transgender documentaries;
    I Stand Corrected The story of Jennifer Leitham, born John Leitham

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