Disco, hot shirtless men and a shy husband at the Boston LGBT Film Festival

The Boston LGBT Film Festival will be screening films from 2 to 12 May 2013 in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. You’ll find stories about all kinds of gay men, from the most closeted to those who aren’t shy at all. Here are some films to check out.

The Go Doc Project – USA

Doc (Tanner Cohen), who is about to graduate from university, is obsessed with a stripper called Go (Matthew Camp). Doc meets Go and convinces him to star in a documentary that he is filming. What can an obsession lead to?

Matthew Camp likes to show off his beautiful face and sculptured body. Check him out here for some eye candy.

Photo of Matthew Camp

Photo of Tanner Cohen

The Secret Disco Revolution – Canada

The 1970s was a time of protest and mass liberation for some of America’s most discriminated citizens: women, blacks, and gay men. This documentary shows the changes that happened in American society during this glamorous period.

Spooners – USA

A man is too embarrassed to go shopping for a bed with his husband, so he goes alone. He finds an android smart bed that asks him personal questions. What did he get himself into?

2 comments on “Disco, hot shirtless men and a shy husband at the Boston LGBT Film Festival

  1. Great trailers for the festival. It looks like fun! Thanks for the info! :)

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