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LGBT Film festivals in Grenoble, Malmo and South Africa

Out in Africa, the South African Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, will be held in Capetown and Johannesburg from 12 to 21 April 2013. One of the Interesting and fun films that will be screened is the South African film, Kinsey.

Source: kandi.co.za via Ruzana on Pinterest

Kinsey is a short film about a man who is attracted to his male best friend (who is supposedly straight.) Watch the trailer below.

Vues d’en face, the 12th lesbian and gay film festival of Grenoble, France, will take place from 6 to 21 April 2013. The French documentary, Les Cabotines, will be screened at this event. Watch the trailer below.

Les Cabotines

A lesbian couple moved to village of Collias in the south of France, began producing quality wine without any experience or professional support, but they had the passion, desire and support of their friends and family.

The Malmo Queer Film Festival will Be held in Malmo Sweden from 12 to 14 April 2013. The Cambodian documentary, Two Girls Against the Rain, will be screened at this event. Watch the trailer below.

Two Girls Against the Rain

Two gay women have been in love since the Khmer Rouge Regime in Cambodia. Now in their late fifties, they talk about how smooth their relationship has been throughout the years. They would like gay marriage to be legalised in Cambodia. Watch the trailer below.

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