Hot Indian Actors in Sridhar Rangayan’s European Queer India Tour

Indian Filmmaker Sridhar Rangayan is currently on his Queer India European tour, which began on 21 November and ends on 16 December. He’ll be screening his LGBT themed films and documentaries, speaking and holding discussions with the audience in Brighton, London, Dublin, Warsaw and Stockholm. The films showing on this tour are:

Yours Emotionally – a movie about gay men of different ages in India, where homosexual relationships and passions are still not totally understood by the people.

Younger men kissing

Older men kissing

Trailer of Yours Emotionally

This second trailer has no sound, but you can see more love scenes

Amen is a film about a man’s acceptance of his sexuality and the person he is attracted to. The two men are very good-looking.

Logging Out shows us the fun and sad aspects of online dating. Watch the whole short film below.

Gulabi Aaina (The Pink Mirror) – a movie about camp men, cross-dressers and their antics. There is a shower scene in the trailer of a very hot man shirtless (see pic below). Watch the trailer below the pic.

Kusum (The Flower Bud) – a film about a man who is shocked after finding out that a woman he is attracted to is a cross-dresser.

Other films and documentaries showing are Raat Baaki (Night is Young), Amra Ki Etoi Bhinno (Are We Different?),  In the Closet, More Than A Friend, Project Bolo, 68 Pages and the trailer of Breaking Free.

Source: http://www.facebook.com/events/468835323166921/

2 comments on “Hot Indian Actors in Sridhar Rangayan’s European Queer India Tour

  1. When I came to EMU in the early ’90s Michael was the only faculty memebr who was willing to be out. When he stepped up others finally found the courage and it profoundly affected life for LGBT students. He was a truly wonderful, generous man and I am heartbroken to learn of his passing.

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