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Mister Lebanon, Ali Hammoud, wins Mister Inernational 2012

@maulana_hasbie has just congratulated @aly_hammoud (Ali Hammoud representing Lebanon) on Twitter for winning the Mister International 2012 pageant this year. After seeing Ali’s name on the list of winners on Wikipedia.org, this fact can almost be confirmed even if it has not been reported in the media yet.

Thank you Starmometer.com for the photo. Please inform me if it needs to be removed.

A post on Facebook says that the runner ups were:

1st runner-up: Mister Singapore
2nd runner-up: Mister Slovenia
3rd runner-up: Mister Brazil
4th runner-up: Mister Slovakia

A post on the Mister International 2012 Facebook page says that the other awards were:

Mister Congeniality – Thailand
Mister Photogenic – Italy
Best Body – Lebanon
Best National Costume – Vietnam

I will confirm the facts when they are reported in the news as soon as I can. As you can see, my choice never wins, but I congratulate the winner, runner ups and winners of special awards.

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