A thousand kisses in Paris against homophobia

Kiss-in (17) - 12Dec09, Paris (France)

At 7:00 pm yesterday, around a thousand people participated in a “kiss in” against homophobia in front of city hall in Paris. Not all kissers were gay, some were straight. Many carried placards which said, “I have two fathers and a foundation, but I don’t need your prayers.” (translated from “J’ai deux pères et des repères, pas besoin de vos prières”.)

Besides Paris, there were “kiss ins” in 16 other cities in France. Many, mostly young, demonstrators carried photos of their families. Guillaume Bonnet, spokesperson of the organisation, all Out, which launched this event, said that the aim of showing family photos was to show that all families, gay, straight, childless, divorced, single-parent and interracial all deserve the same rights.

Source: http://www.rtl.fr/actualites/info/article/paris-les-homosexuels-revendiquent-leurs-droits-par-un-kissin-geant-7754732456

4 comments on “A thousand kisses in Paris against homophobia

  1. wow that’s awesome! this photo is also really hot. love your posts about what’s going on :)

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