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Hot men from around the world in 7 LGBT film festivals this week

Here are some films showing in seven film festivals around the world that begin next week.

Three films with hot hunks are showing at the Florence Queer Festival, Florence, Italy from 25/10/2012 to 31/10/2012.

Morgan, USA

Screenshot: Morgan

A handsome young man (Leo Minaya) is paralyzed, but lives a dream of winning wheelchair races. Despite his heart illness, he risks his life to live his dream. Just because he’s in a wheelchair doesn’t mean he doesn’t strip his clothes to show us a sexy body and perform some amazing love scenes.

Out Loud, Lebanon

Isn’t it amazing that we get to watch hot men and gay kissing scenes in a Lebanese movie? Homosexuality is still taboo there.

Jad Hadid also stars in the film.

Matthew Borne’s Swan Lake 3D  features a male cast of shirtless muscular hunks dancing.

Two movies look great at the Side by Side LGBT International Film Festival, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA from 25/10/2012 to 03/11/2012

Spring Fever, China

A man is having an affair with another man in China. When the married man’s wife finds out, she is more angry about him cheating on her with a man (instead of a woman) than she is about his infidelity. The roles of the two men are played by the good-looking pair, Qin Hao and Chen Sicheng.

Weekend (United Kingdom)

What happens when a man says he’s not the boyfriend type and doesn’t fall in love? He sometimes finds himself in the opposite situation. The stars are Tom Cullen and Chris New.

The Filmovy festival inakosti – Slovak Queer Film Festival  in Bratislava, Slovakia form 25/10/2012 to 28/10/2012 has a very amusing advert on their website. Watch it below:

Other LGBT Film festivals Starting Next Week:

Cine Movilh: Festival de Cine Lesbico, Gay Bi Trans, Santiago, Chile, 23/10/2012 – 31/10/2012
Gender Bender Festival Internazionale Bologna, Bologna, Italy, 27/10/2012 – 03/11/2012
Soggettiva, Bologna 27/10/2012 – 03/11/2012
Queer Black Cinema International Film Festival, New York, USA, 26/10/2012 – 28/10/201

Source: http://www.queerfilmfestivals.org/

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