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Masked haters violently attacked the gay-friendly 7Freedays club in Moscow

Masked haters, in dark clothes and shaved heads, violently attacked the gay-friendly 7Freedays club in Moscow on Thursday night, Russia where approximately 50 people were celebrating “Coming Out Day.” They pulled a gun on the bouncers so that they could barge into the club. They reportedly threw tables, bottles and acid on people. 3 people were treated in hospital, one of whom had glass in her eye. One woman said the attackers were especially aggressive towards women.

The police arrived too late (probably deliberately) as the aggressors had already fled the scene in a cowardly manner. Unidentified police officials told Life News that the attackers were dressed in dark clothes and medical masks and that many of them had shaved heads. They saw the crime but couldn’t be bothered to do anything. Gay rights leader Nikolai Alexeyev said in a commentary piece on Gayrussia.eu that he thought such attacks took place because the perpetrators felt they would not be punished. It doesn’t seem as if anyone with power or authority in Russia will even move a finger to do prevent hate crimes against humanity.

Earlier this week, nationalist Orthodox organization the People’s Council called for the closure of all gay clubs in Moscow as part of an effort to prohibit the “promotion of homosexuality.” The People’s Council believes that Moscow lawmakers should follow the example set by their counterparts in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, where the “promotion of homosexuality to minors” has already been banned. This law is purposely vague so as to allow bias and abuse by the government and authorities. The decriminalization of homosexuality is being ignored by the Russian government.

It seems as if the Russian government, the Russian police and criminals have united in their cause to commit violent crimes towards LGBT people and deprive everyone of human rights.

Sources: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/group-of-masked-men-attacks-gay-club/469685.html#ixzz295V8TRbu

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