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Lgbt film festivals in Oslo and Long Beach start on Thursday

The 22nd Oslo Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, which takes place in Oslo, Norway from 14 to 19 September, is a huge and diverse event, in which 17 feature films, 8 documentaries, 38 short films from 5 continents will be screened.  Other events include an opening night party, a bear’s party and a closing night party. The awards include the Grand Jury Prize and the audience award.

Some films in this film Festival:

Kawa (New Zealand)

Kawa (Calvin Tuteao),  handsome middle-aged Maori man, is the ideal husband of the stereotypical perfect and happy family.  For some time, he has been cheating on his wife with other men while hiding his homosexuality.  His wife (Nathalie Bolt) suspects there’s another woman and his children are confused. The family falls apart, but will Kawa find happiness?  Watch the trailer below.

Beauty (South Africa)

Francois (Deon Lotz) has been a repressed homosexual living a normal family life with his wife and kids for many years.  He meets Christian (Charlie Keegan), a young handsome and intelligent model whose true aspiration is to become a lawyer.  Francois physical attraction to Christian turns into such an obsession that he loses control of his emotions.  The film is in English and Afrikaans (with subtitles).  Watch the trailer below.

Lovely Man (Indonesia)

19-year-old Cahaya (Raihaanun), who accidently gets pregnant, travels from a small Indonesian town to Jakarta to search for her father, Ipuy (Donny Damara), who she hasn’t seen since she was four.  When Cahaya successfully finds Ipuy, a trangender prostitute, she finds out how her parent has been supporting her financially  throughout the years.  When they first meet, Ipuy tells Cahaya she can only stay with her for one day and after that, their relationship ends.  But Cahaya ends up staying as the  mother and daughter bond gets stronger.  The film is in Indonesian (with subtitles).  Watch the trailer below.

Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2085865/

Bear City 2: The Proposal (USA)

Roger (Gerald McCullouch) proposes to marry Tyler (Joe Conti), his much younger partner with whom he has lived for some time.  Tyler, who is taken by surprise, accepts after doing some serious thinking.  After they announce their engagement, the fiancés travel to Provincetown during gay bear week and indulge in some heavy partying. Both are finding it hard to stay faithful in the gay Mecca, which may cause some problems to tying the knot.  Watch the trailer below.

Sources: http://www.oglff.org/2012/

The Center Long Beach Q Film Festival , which takes place in LongbeachCalifornia, USA, will be screening 19 films from 14 to 16 September.  Other events include an opening party, VIP parties, after parties, a Sunday brunch and a closing party.  The seven awards are Best Picture – Feature Film, Best Director – Feature Film, Best Documentary, Best Director – Short Film, Best Short Film – Comedy and Best Short Film – Drama.  Isn’t it amazing that over a third of the 19 movies will receive an award?

Films in this film festival

Elliot Loves (USA)

We see Elliot Allende  in two parts of his life, one as a 9-year-old kid (Quentin Araujo) and one as a 21-year-old man (Fabio Costaprado).  When Elliot was nine, he had to bond with his mother, who was a compulsive liar and a total mess.  At 21, he tries to find love in New York city.  He has had many relationships, but the longest one lasted for two days.  He also has a reputation of being a slut.  He has faced rejection from his mother and many men.  Can this special man find love and acceptance?

Mosquita Y Mari (USA) will be shown in both of the film festivals above. Two teenage girls, Mari (Venecia Troncoso) and Yolanda (Fenessa Pineda), who are both daughters of Mexican immigrants, become very close friends.  As their friendship grows, their attraction to each other gets stronger.  Yolanda’s mother tells her daughter that the only thing that she should think about is excelling at  school.  As the exemplary student, Yolanda, discovers a social life, experiments with alcohol and finds her first love, she naturally changes.  Yolanda’s mother’s reaction is, “Her head is in the clouds.”  Yolanda’s  father blames a boy that he believes his daughter likes or maybe going out with.  But through a window, it seems that Yolanda’s mom is the first find out that the girl of Yolanda’s dreams is Mari.  The film is in both English and Spanish with subtitles.  Watch the trailer below.

Sources: http://qfilmslongbeach.com/schedule/



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