Photos of hot exotic men of different races shirtless

I have made a careful selection of hot, shirtless muscular men of different races including East Asian, South Asian, Latino, Black, Caucasian and Arabic.  I love men of all races.  I hope you enjoy looking at these hunks and tell me which one you like most.

The Men

Cesar Curti – Brazilian Actor and Model.  Mr International Winner 2011

Cesar Curti bodyshot (8)

Jorge Martins – Mr Angola in the Mr World 2010 Pageant

ANGOLA, Jorge Braulio Ferreira Martins

Ngo Tien Doan – Mr International 2008 from Vietnam


Jaco De Bruyn – South African winner of Heat Manwatch 2009

Rahul Katyal – Indian Model

Rahul Katyal shirtless indian model

David Lian- Malaysian Model

Abdel Rahman El Balaa – Mr. World Lebanon 2010

5 comments on “Photos of hot exotic men of different races shirtless

  1. Very hot guys!

  2. Ngo Tien Doan is hot and sexy!

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  4. A very diverse and exotic gallery of international hotness. My personal favorites are Jorge Martins (his eyes) and Abdel Rahman El Balaa (his torso). This is a great post.

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