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The Vancover Queer Film Festival starts with the German film "Romeos"

The 24th Vancouver Queer  Film Festival begins, today, 16 August 2012, with the film the German film, “Romeos”, and ends on 26 August.  75 films from 16 countries will be shown.  This is the second largest film festival in the city of Vancouver, Canada.

In “Romeos”, Lukas (Rick Okon) a,  young gay transgender man, moves from a small town to Cologne, Germany. His best friend, Ine (Liv Lisa Fries), helps him integrate into the gay scene, where he meets a young cisgender gay man, Fabio (Maximilian Befort).  The two men’s attraction and feelings for each other gradually grow.  Shy Lukas still has a lot of female characteristics, whereas Fabio is hot, masculine and self-confident.   The problem is: Can Lukas tell Fabio about his sex reassignment? The film was written and directed by Sabine Bernardi. Watch the trailer below:

Sources:  http://www.queerfilmfestival.ca/

Maximilian Befort


Rick Okon

Rick Okon

Liv Lisa Fries

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