Spain’s candidate Miguel Ortiz wins Mr Gay Europe 2012

Miguel Ortiz  – Mr Gay Europe 2012


Spain’s delegate, 19-year-old Miguel Ortiz, won Mr Gay Europe on Saturday, 11 August 2012 in Rome, Italy. The youngest man in the competition beat 18 other candidates.

Other prizes were:

Second place: Steve Grech, Malta
Third place: Nicholas Menna, Italy
Best interview: Janne Tiilikainen, Finland
Best swimwear: Nicholas Menna, Italy
Best written test: Tomas Fryda, Czech Republic
Sports-challenge: Nicholas Menna, Italy
Online vote: Miguel Ortiz, Spain
Mr Congeniality: Argyrios Christakis, Greece
Mr Photogenic: Argyrios Christakis, Greece
Mr Talent: Kiri Spanos, Cyprus

See their photos here:

Because Ortiz was a  favourite from the beginning, his triumph came as no surprise.  Besides beauty and muscles, he also had  to prove himself in 11 different challenges which included an interview with the judges, a photo-session, swimwear competition, and a written test.

The jury focused on the following qualities in each contestant:

–  young at heart and  shows an interest in the world and people around him.
– a friend who displays patience, has a sympathetic and considerate nature.
– a person who will not be frightened by change, or things and people different from his own frame of reference, experience or cultural background.
– a squire who is articulate in his thoughts and conduct an intelligent conversation.
– a guy who has a basic innate charm and sparkle.
– a man of honour who is special, but real.
– the boy next door who has poise and seems secure with himself, without coming across as arrogant.
– an individual who could be the person a company would like to be their representative.
– someone who can be an ambassador of goodwill.
– a peer who is the quintessential gay man – and a bit more!

This is the third time Spain has won the pageant.  Antonio Almijez won in 2008 and Sergio Lara won in 2009.

Past winners are:

Giulio Spatola from Italy in 2010 / 2011
Jackson Netto from Germany in 2007
Nandi Gyöngyösi from Hungary in 2006
Alexander van Kempen from The Netherlands in 2005

Sources: http://www.mrgayeurope.com/2012/08/spain-wins-mr-gay-europe-for-the-third-time/

2 comments on “Spain’s candidate Miguel Ortiz wins Mr Gay Europe 2012

  1. Wow, didn’t know there was a Mr. Gay Pagent. Yummy….but too bad for me he’s on “the other team” :)

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